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erik summerAt RC Dad I find the best performing RC products and electronics. I take reviews to the next level and give you more than just a written review.  I  show where you can get the items I talk about at the lowest prices and give helpful tips so you can make more informed buying decisions!  Finding the right helicopter or quadcopter can be confusing because often times the reviews you see are fake or not helpful.  With me, you get someone you can trust to give you an honest review and teach you something along the way!

Hottest items right now

flying car quadcopterThe Syma X9 flies like a quadcopter and drives like a car and it’s surprisingly good at good at doing both!mjx-x101-quad-2One of the largest toy quadcopters yet one of the easiest to fly. This is a great flying, stable quadcopter that can lift a gopro without hesitation.e010-eachineThis mini ducted fan drone is easy to fly and very durable! This quadcopter turns better then any other mini drone I’ve flown.
syma s111One of the most detailed and easiest RC helicopters to fly is the Syma S111.best rc truckOutstanding performance and packed with features normally found on expensive rc cars, the Torment rc truck is a great buy for anyone who loves RC cars.hotwheels street hawk flying carHot Wheels did an amazing job with the Street Hawk flying car. You will be blown away with how well this plane flies.
syma rc quadcopter 3Loaded with features normally only found on more expensive RC quadcopters, the Syma X5C delivers a ton of value for a small price.v911 rc helicopterMassively popular and insane flight performance packed into a small and affordable helicopter. Nothing comes close to the V911 helicopter. A must have for any intermediate heli pilot.syma x12 nano quadcopterSyma X12 – Newly designed nano quadcopter with forward light, 360 flips, and great performance.
rc gliderThe most relaxing and easy plane I own is the UMX Radian Glider. All the features of larger gliders compressed down to a mini version that takes up very little space.anki driveRace and battle against friends or the computer with this half real life toy, half computer game!cheerson-cx-10wdWith Altitude Hold, you’ll be flying learning how to fly FPV in no time with the Cheerson CX-10WD FPV nano quadcopter.