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AirHogs Helix X4 Stunt RC Quadcopter

By June 27, 2015May 30th, 2016quadcopter
air hogs rcairhogs helix x4 stunt rc quadcopter
Around $56
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Helix X4 Stunt Quadcopter Summary:

It falls short of the marketing hype that’s all over the box and product description. That being said, I still love the look of the Helix X4 and while it’s tricky to fly it’s still pretty fun. I always liked the way the giant gun ship looked in Avatar and this quadcopter has that look and feel to it.rc avatar gunship quadcopter  The ducted fans add a cool look and protects you from getting cut and the blades from getting damaged. The body is made out of a very durable soft foam that will withstand a lot of crashes. It’s all around protected very well and it this thing hits you or a wall it should just bounce off.  I can’t think of a safer quadcopter to fly around kids and pets.

If you don’t care about all the protection and just want a similar sized quadcopter with better performance, then I’d go with the Syma X1 which I reviewed here: Syma X1 rc quadcopter

What I didn’t like about the Helix X4

First are the 3 types of flips. The problem is the small blades and motors barely have enough power to recover from a flip.  Doing flips inside can be tricky unless you have really high ceilings. I find that doing them outside on a very calm day is best. You’ll need to be around 10-15 high to allow for the drop in altitude. You also want to do them on a full charge. To alternate between flips you just move this notch right here and press the red button. Because they are done so fast, they all pretty much look the same. And I noticed that they work best during the first minute or two of flight while the battery still has a good charge. These smaller motors tend to not put out even thrust when they are at full power, so when recovering sometimes you’ll notice it veer off right after a flip.

Second is the lack of trim tabs! For some reason they put fake trim tabs on the control as if to trick us or to make it look cooler? WHY?  AirHogs did put a self-stabilization gyro in the quadcopter and it works but it’s not perfect. It does sway back and forth and side to side but for the most part will maintain a good hover as long as there is no breeze.

How the Helix X4 handles:

The handling is interesting.  If feels like larger heavier quadcopter , the acceleration is slow, which is good for beginners and flying indoors but makes it impossible to fly in any kind of wind.

There’s two flight modes, slow and a little faster. You can switch modes in flight and you’ll notice the light on the front of the quadcopter with change from Green (beginners) to Red (advanced). The difference in handling is minimal. Beginners will really benefit from the slower speed since it will allow more time to correct and avoid hitting things.

Charging the Helix X4:

You have two options for charging. Either from the transmitter or the supplied USB cord. You’re going to get the fastest and best results using the USB cord. I strongly recommend the ANKER USB charger. I use it for all my rc helicopter/quadcopters and it charges the fastest!

usb charger

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