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Asus 24″ LED Monitor Review

By December 5, 2014June 1st, 2016electronics


Asus LED Monitor


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I really like the quality of Asus products. My laptop is Asus and I have another Asus monitor that I’ve been using for over a year at my office.
Not all monitors are equal! There are some differences that are important to take note of when shopping for one. If you’re strictly just using your monitor to read ebooks and emails then you really won’t see much of a difference. But if you plan on watching videos, viewing photos, playing games, doing graphics work then pay attention.
Make sure it has HDMI! Most newer computers and laptops will have an HDMI port. HDMI is the standard for Hi Definition and will support 3D, Audio, 48 bit color depth, and Ethernet in one cable! They are more reliable and produce a much clearer picture than VGA and DVI in my experience. A lot of less expensive monitors do not have HDMI and a lot of times it’s hard to tell until you take it out of the box.
The Asus VS247H-P has a DVI and VGA in case your computer doesn’t have HDMI. In case you were wondering what they look here’s a picture.
It is 1080p which is pretty standard for this size and price monitor. Some cheap monitors and some TV’s are only 720p, which basically means you’ll only get 1280 pixels wide and 720 high. That’s going to cut down on the clarity of text and images. You really want to stick with Full 1080p. I find it easier on my eyes.
There is a headphone jack in the monitor. The audio is carried over from the HDMI cord which is nice.
The 2ms response is pretty impressive. I didn’t notice any ghosting or other types of lag even when playing fast paced action movies like Iron man.
I love the design, as you can see it’s very slim and doesn’t take up unnecessary space on your desk like my Samsung 24 inch. The stand for my Samsung is almost twice as large.
I love LED monitors. They allow for a slimmer design sleeker design. Your images will be brighter and more colorful with a higher contrast ratio. They are easier on your eyes because they don’t flicker like conventional LCD screens. You’ll have less blurring with moving objects and better picture quality. LED monitors don’t dim overtime like fluorescent ones and have a longer lifespan. The use 30-50% less power than conventional LCD displays and they don’t contain a halogen or mercury so they’re better for the environment.
Asus advertises a 50 million to 1 contrast ration and it seems like a lot of companies are using ridiculously high numbers to impress consumers on how high their contrast ratio it. I think they’ve all gotten out of control, but what’s important is that this monitor has very dark blacks and very white whites even at different angles and that’s going to give you better looking pictures and really improve games and movies. You’ll really notice a good contrast ration when you’re watching a scary movie and the scene is dark. With a bad contrast ration, you’ll see grey shadows that seem to create bands of lighter grays where it’s supposed to be black.
The viewing angle is pretty impressive as well. Text on is clear and crisp.
The colors maintain their true colors when viewed at greater angles as compared to a lot of other monitors I’ve tested.

It does come with Splended, which will allow you to switch between different scenario settings depending if you’re playing games, watching a movie, or checking emails.
It is VESA mountable. That will allow you to mount it on a stand if you ever want to get rid of the included stand and hook it up to a stand like this!
That’s my review on the Asus VS247H-P LED monitor, mine is a 24 inch, but they also come in a 21.5, 23, 23.5, 24, and a 27 inch! And I put links in the description below. Thank you so much for watching, please thumbs up if you like my review and subscribe for future reviews.

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