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Best Battery Bank | Anker Astro E1 Charger

By May 14, 2015May 31st, 2016electronics
best battery bankbattery bank
Around $16
portable chargerAnker Astro battery bankastro e1 charger

The Astro E1 has a 5200mAh capacity and will fully charge most power hungry phones out there with no problem. You can charge the big iphone 6 twice, by LG G2 gets 2 full charges, a iPad air will get almost half a charge, and I recently started charging my GoPro with this which is great because usually when I’m using my GoPro I’m nowhere near a power outlet.
The size is perfect for me, I wanted something that I could easily fit in my pocket and still have enough power to keep my devices going throughout the day. The glossy finish looks good at first but is a magnet for finger prints so I do keep my in its included case. I wish they put more of a matte finish to it but then again, it’s not really a showpiece that I’ll have lying around.
Anker has their own technology called PowerIQ which works great for everything I’ve tested. It works by replicating the charging protocol of the devices original charger. A lot of the cheaper ones will just have one current and that can cause some devices to reject them. The problem is that phones, tablets, and cameras have different circuitry inside that require different currents. I bought one from a gas station once for an emergency charge and my phone said that charging it could damage the phone. I’ve been using their Desktop USB Charger for a while now and it’s proven to be a fast and reliable usb charger and it also has the PowerIQ!
You charge it using this micro usb port and it takes around 5 hours. You can use your phones charger, computer or if you have a usb charger like this Anker you can use any of them. The button on the side shows the battery life of the device.

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