mobius action camera

Mobius Action Camera.

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  • Aerodynamic design.
  • metal cooling plates.
  • Customized settings through Mobius software.

UMX Radian with Mobius CameraThe Mobius is an outstanding mini camera that records very high quality HD footage. There’s a lot of mini action cams on the market that claim to have full HD, but just because they’re high definition doesn’t mean it’s high quality.

For the price, this is by far the highest quality action-cam on the market in my opinion. The quality isn’t as good as a GoPro, but it’s certainly not far behind and it cost a lot less money at around $80 bucks.

The Mobius is perfect for airplanes because of its aerodynamic shape, light weight and metal cooling tabs. The airplane I’m using in the video is the UMX Radian – Full Review Here.

I simply attached mine with the included Velcro.

My two main concerns was the weight of the Mobius and the Center of Gravity.  The Radian only weighs 1.4 ounces with the battery and the Mobius weighs 1.4 ounces so I was doubling the weight.  Center of gravity is also a very important thing to consider especially when the weigh you’re adding as much as the thing it’s flying on.

I put two fingers underneath the wings to find out where it balanced without the camera. Then I added the camera and made adjustments until I got it to balance in the exact same spot.  I found that the front of the camera (not the lens) should line up with the back of the cockpit.

The plane flies a lot faster and your battery life and gliding will be cut in half but it’s defiantly doable.

That noise you’re hearing is the AS3X keeping the Radian stable.  Larger planes will produce smoother footage.

So if you’re looking at cameras to attach to your airplane or quad copter then definitely check out the Mobius action cam!