Black Hawk RC Helicopter Syma S102 Review

By May 27, 2015 May 31st, 2016 helicopter
s102 black hawk Syma S102
Around $23
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s102g review black hawk rc helicopter s102g heli s102g helicopter s102 blackhawk black hawk

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SKILL LEVEL - Eazy Peazy - 98% of people should be able to master it within 5 minutes!


SKILL LEVEL - Eazy Peazy - 98% of people should be able to master it within 5 minutes!


Quick overview of the Syma S102:

This is one of Symas easy to fly “Scale” rc helicopters. There’s also the Apache, Airwolf, Chinook and Cobra.

They all fly very similar. You have 3.5 channels so you can go up, down, forward, reverse, and spin. They all have a vertical motor in the rear that will push the tail up or down causing the helicopter to go forward or reverse. Spinning left and right is done by speeding up or slowing down the rotation of top rotor.

Right out of the box, the S102 hovers nice and steady. If you’re helicopter spins, there’s a dial on the transmitter that will allow you to trim it. Charging is done through a USB cable and you can plug that into most any USB ports or though the transmitter itself. I recommend getting a separate USB wall plug so that you can quickly and easily charge it.

Tips on flying the S102:

1. Objects will cause the wind from the blades to blow back at your helicopter making it harder to control. While learning to fly, keep the helicopter in the middle of the room at least 5 feet off the ground until you’re comfortable with the controls.

2. With any rc helicopter, reduce power to zero immediately during a crash. There are tiny plastic gears which can strip if they are under a lot of stress or sudden stops.

3. You can fly outside BUT there must be no wind, shade, and the control must be pointed directly at the helicopter.

4. Keep the blades lose.  Make sure all blades swing freely to minimize damage and extend the life of the blades. When you receive your helicopter or replace the blades double check to make sure the screws are not over tightened!

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