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Bugatti Veyron Toy RC Car

By May 26, 2016June 1st, 2016car
bugatti veyron rc carrc car smallbutton4small

  • 1/14 Scale Bugatti RC Car
  • Full Function Control (forward, reverse, left, right)
  • Detailed Interior and Exterior with working head lights and tail lights

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cool rc carrc car bugattirc car front lightstoy rc car 2toy rc carbugatti veyron grand sport vitesse

Video Review of the Bugatti RC Car

With a top speed of around 10mph this RC Car wont beat any speed records, it definitely looks really nice. I would compare the speed to about a slow jog. Because it’s so low to the ground, you’ll have to run it on pavement or smooth surfaces like tile. The construction feels very sturdy and while I haven’t been crashing this car into the wall, I’m pretty confident that it’ll hold up against a ton of crashes.

Working head lights and tail lights.

The headlight put off a nice white luxury car light. It’s not going to light up the road the way a flash light would, but the effect is pretty cool when you’re driving it around inside. The tail lights are less impressive with two mildly bright red lights that only light up when in reverse. I really wish this rc car had the option to turn all the lights on and leave them on!

rc car front lightsrc car brake lights


The control on the rc Bugatti wasn’t impressive at all. Compared to the quality of the car, the remote doesn’t seem like it belongs. The left/right steering and forward/review are done with arrows. There’s no trigger for proportional acceleration or dial for smooth turning. It’s all or nothing with this rc car.
rc car controller

Rims and tires.

The rims are a nice glass black and look impressive with a stationary disk breaks and slotted rotors. The soft rubber tires look very realistic and have all the grooves to bring out the scale look.
rc car rims


This RC Car takes 5 AA batteries and rechargeable is the way to go! The control does take one 9 volt battery and that will last you a long time.
rc car battery

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