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Nano quadcopter reviewnano rc quadcopter
Around $20button3small
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cheerson cx10 nano quadcoptercheerson nano quadcopterjpgnano quadcoptermini quadcopter cheerson

SKILL LEVEL | Somewhat easy, this nano quad picks up speed fast and might be hard if you're new to quadcopters


DURABILITY | Very solid frame! The blades are tiny and will fly off if you crash hard. Luckily it comes with an extra set.

One of my favorite and most flown toys! I’m blown away at the quality and performance. This super tiny nano quadcopter is great for anyone! If you’re learning to fly or if you’re an expert pilot, you will love flying this rc quadcopter. Priced under $30 it’s a must buy for yourself and anyone else who enjoys flying rc toys. Some of the things I really like about this small quadcopter is its excellent stability (when trimmed properly), speed/power, long flight time, and propellers that don’t easily come off.

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