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E-flite B-17G Flying Fortress RC Plane

By October 9, 2015May 30th, 2016airplane
E-flite UMX B-17Gbuy umx b-17Price $99button3small
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What a beautiful fun rc plane to fly. Some how E-flight packed in 4 motors, 4 servos, tons of detail, AS3X (more about this later) and landing gear on this 26″ wingspan plane! Wow, there was no question about me buying this plane.   The B-17is the most famous WWII bomber and is known for taking a beating in the skies over Europe and still being able to return home safely.

Binding this plane with my Spektrum Dx6i was quick and easy. After charging the battery, I had this B17 in the air. In smooth calm air, this thing performs very scale and while it can easily do loops, it’s really meant to be flown scale.  The motors are powerful but small.

Great Air Cooling.

The E-flight B-17G has very well thought out cooling ducts all throughout the plane. Each motor has an inlet and outlet to keep them lasting a long time by providing a lot of airflow. The front nose cone has a vent to blow air over the battery and control board. Keeping the plane cool also helps if you bring multiple batteries since you don’t have to let it cool down for very long to fly again.

Built in AS3X.

Think of AS3X as an extra pilot helping to reduce any any bumps in the air. If there’s a sudden gust that blows your plane to the left, the AS3X will help by immediately correcting to the right.  It helps a lot in lighter weight planes that get tossed around a lot in the slightest breeze. It makes this B17 perform like a larger model.

Flying Tips and Tricks.

This B17 RC Plane likes to be flown scale. In other words, slow and gentle.  It can easily do flips but that’s as far as I would go with the aerobatics.  Turning does require extra power and elevator up, especially in tight turns. The elevator has a lot of authority letting you pull really tight turns when banked. This helps a lot when avoiding objects! This plane does NOT handle wind and it’s not surprising considering it light weight. You’ll have the most fun when there is no wind and you have plenty of space to fly.

Different types of landing gear.

Switching out landing gear is easy! Just wiggle the gear side to side and choose from no landing gear, half wheels, or my favorite the foam wheels. I recommend leaving the foam wheels on when flying because they good a good job at protecting the propellers and guns when landing. Even if you’re landing in grass, they will still bend back and become uneven. Replacement blades are available but will cost you around $18 to swap out all 4 so take care of them!

Battery and charging.

A ultra micro 250mAh 1S 3.7V 20C Li-Po battery comes with your B17 and will give you around 4-6 minutes of flight time. Extra batteries are affordable and you can easily


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