Asus 24 inch LED Monitor

The ASUS VS line of monitors are some of the best out there. Thin, energy-efficient, and affordable price. If you don’t have an LED monitor, it’s time to upgrade!

Best Laptop Coolers

havit laptop cooler
If you own a laptop then a laptop cooler is a MUST have. I compare the top 4 coolers on the market and show you the quietest, most powerful, and the most affordable.

Noiseless Wireless Mouse

noiseless silent mouse
Does the clicking noise in your mouse sometimes annoy you? Try this quality wireless noiseless mouse!

Mood Light by MagicLight

Mood Light
Create a beautiful atmosphere in your home with this bluetooth Mood Light. Packed full of useful features!

Foscam Home Security Cameraip security camera

Keep and eye on your house from your phone! All for less than $100. Check out this awesome home security camera by Foscam.

Best Dash Cam

dashcam with gpsOne of the best Dash Cams for under $10, records 1080p Video, Speed, Location, Audio, and more!

Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200

nerf rival zeus mxv 1200 blasterShoots at 100fps! This new Nerf Gun is the flagship with lots of improvements over older guns.