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Fast RC Boat Recoil Brushless

By April 15, 2015May 31st, 2016boat
fast rc boatrecoil boat small
Around $169

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Short Summary:

The outside of the Recoil might like any other slow cheap RC boat but it’s far from it. The Recoil boat is lighting fast and thanks to high quality components can handle it’s speed very well. Be careful with cheaper knock offs! There are similar looking boats but with very different components! The Recoil comes with everything you need to get in the water and start having fun. Everything comes pre-installed expect for the antenna tube.


  • Capable of reaching speeds of 25+mph
  • Self-righting hull system keeps you from going belly-up
  • Water-cooled 2950Kv brushless motor and 30A Dynamite ESC
  • Includes Pro Boat 2.4Ghz marine radio system
  • Aluminum rudder with stainless trim tabs
  • Composite molded 3 blade propeller
  • Run time between 4 – 8 minutes (depending on how fast you go!)
  • 1300mAh Battery and charger

The transmitter:

While the high speed makes this boat look like less of a kids toy, you can actually turn down the speed from the remote in case you want to let someone less experienced take control. There are also trim tabs on the remote for both throttle and steering.

Trim tabs:

recoil proboat rc boatThe metal trim tabs are adjustable in case you want to fine tune your boats performance. Your two vertical fins and pointed out on an angle. This is to insure a smooth track through your turns. With deep-V boats they tilt into turns like a motorcycle. That’s why the two side fins have an angle to them.  It is recommended that you point these down 45 degrees.

The metal tabs on the bottom will do two things. They will adjust for uneven weight and adjust how high/low you want the nose to be pointed. The battery of the boat sits on the left side and to prevent the boat from tilting when moving, you should bend the tab slightly down. You can also bend both tabs to adjust the nose height when moving. If you’re running in rough water and want to keep the nose up then you can bend the tabs up and that will raise the nose of the boat.

The propeller, rudder, and fins are sharp! For this reason, I wouldn’t recommend running this anywhere need people who are swimming.

Boat body:

The body of the boat is plain plastic but in a lot of ways that’s a good thing. Fiberglass might look better but it’s hard to beat the durability of plastic, especially with such a small boat!

The haul does has a foam seal which helps keep out water but like all boats, water can and will get leak in. The most water I’ve ever had get in mine was about 1-2 teaspoons and that was from running it in some rough water.  If you want a really water tight boat then use some hatch tape!

Driving Tips:

1. When you first get your boat, set it in the bathtub or run it for about 30 seconds and bring it back in to inspect inside to make sure there’s no major leaks. It’s normal for a little water to get in but if there’s a puddle starting to form after 30 seconds then something wrong. The Recoil has a rubber plug in the back that is easy to lose so make sure you always put it back in the boat after draining the water out.

2. Immediately open the hatch after running and turning off your boat. The heat and water are the first things you want to get rid of.  Bring a paper towel or cloth to dry off the components, especially if you’re running your rc boat in salt water.

3. Grease up the shaft that connects the motor to the propeller. This will reduce friction, reduce leaking, prevent rusting! I do this around every 10-20 runs.

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