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flying-alien-ufo-sphereAround $27
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First off, it’s a total beginners toy. It’s basically a dual rotor (aka coaxial) helicopter with a gyro, that’s this thing here. And you have your propeller up here which pushes this thing forward or backwards. Usually this is placed in the rear of the helicopter and will push up or down giving it a little better performance. The result is one of the easiest flying toys that is extremely rugged, but very slow compared to other helicopters and quadcopters. Perfect for kids or something you can bring to a family party and not have to worry about it breaking, damaging things around the house, or hurting people and pets with the blades. One big plus is that it doesn’t tip over, all the weight is located at the bottom so even when it drops out of the sky it will land upright.
I was a little disappointed that it doesn’t bounce off the walls as well as I thought it would. It kinda of gets stuck, almost like a magnet it pulling it towards the wall.
So that’s my review on the very easy to fly Skymaster UFO. Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate those thumbs up and please subscribe if you want to keep up to date with my new reviews.

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