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H8 Mini RC Quadcopter

By July 20, 2015May 30th, 2016quadcopter
H8 mini rc quadcopterh8 mini quadAround $21button3small

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Quick Overview of the H8 Mini:

As far as mini quads go, this is the fastest, most responsive rc quadcopters I’ve flown. The yaw rate (how fast it spins) is insane and it pulls out of a spin with no problem! It also performs some of the tightest flips thanks to it’s high power and light weight. All around this is a wonderful quadcopter for the price. You can’t go wrong buying this for yourself or as a gift. As if that wasn’t enough, the H8 also has CF mode, which makes the quad fly back towards you even if you lost orientation with what direction it’s pointing.

Two flight modes:

You get a fast mode and a very fast mode that will insure that even more advanced users will have a blast.  Even with it’s insane speeds, you can still easily control the H8 mini with precision if you’re light on the controls.  It tracks great in straight lines, meaning it flies like it’s on rails.


The H8 Mini does very precise flips with ease. You’ll look like a pro thanks to it’s powerful motors and light weight.  A lot of other quadcopters struggle keeping their altitude when performing flips especially when the battery drops below 50% but not with the H8 Mini!

Extra batteries:

Spare batteries will keep the fun going and it’s always nice to have the option to swap out a battery. Mini quadcopters at this price usually don’t have replaceable batteries making the H8 Mini quad even more of a great deal.

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