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Street Hawk Flying car reviewStreet Hawk Flying Carhotwheels flying car
Around $47
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Hi everyone, thank you for checking out my review on the remote controlled Hot Wheels Street Hawk Flying car!
This was the first airplane I’ve flown and reviewed. I’ve never been good at flying airplanes more than a few seconds before crashing and completely destroying them. I’ve mastered the Hot Wheels Street Hawk in just a few minutes! I’ve crashed it pretty hard in the grass and had a couple light crashes on the street and it’s held up very good. The short wings are bendable don’t crack on impact like so many other rc planes.
That’s why I’m so excited to finally recommend a plane for beginners that is fun, easy to fly, and doesn’t break every time you crash!

Tips on flying the Hot Wheels Street Hawk.

I’m going to cover some important tips that will really help when learning to fly the Street Hawk and why I recommend this toy!
The first thing I wanted to know is how you control this thing in flight. I thought it was just something that would glide for a few feet then have to be driven back. I was blown away at how much control you actually have from just two motors!!!
The controls are very basic as you can see (throttle and steering)
No control of the ailerons or elevator while in flight. Your pitch and roll are all controlled by these two motors. When you turn left, your right motor will push forward as your left motor stops. This will make your plane bank left and turn the airplane.
Negative lift in the rear and a lot of positive lift over the CG. This creates a lot of drag but a very stable flight.
Adjustable elevator and ailerons.
Props are very well protected. Comes with extras propellers. I’ve crashed into my camera operator Carmen a few times and it doesn’t hurt.
Wheels do feel cheap but they work! The bright orange color of the wheels helps you see if it’s flying level when it’s far away. They are removable if you’d rather not have them on. Taking them off does slightly increase the performance and I noticed adding small amounts of weight to the front did make it fly faster but the trade off is that it becomes more unstable.
It will take off from short grass, the street, or pretty much any smooth surface. It does need about 15 – 20 feet to take off depending on how smooth the surface it. Hand launching is easy as you’ll see in the video.
It tends to crash two ways. Nose first and upside down. If this is your first time flying then definitely fly it over the grass and if you have some packaging tape put some on the nose to prevent the foam from breaking off.
Always take off and land into the wind.
Taking off you’ll want to have full power until you’re high enough off the ground then you can pull power back to around 50% and the plane will fly nice and level. When you’re taking off, make sure you have enough room in front of the plane so you don’t have to make any turn during take-off. This is when most people crash… Also doing steep turns at low speeds. When the Street Hawk is flying level, it cruising around running speed about 10 – 15 mph. It’s important to keep the wings level when climbing out or at slow speeds because this thing will stall and fall fast out of the sky.
Low speeds (low power) and steep turns. It causes a death spiral. And doing stunts too close to the ground.
Anytime you have two motors like this one is always going to be slightly more powerful than the other and the great thing about this controller is that it has a trim tab that lets you adjust the power of each motor to keep it flying straight. There are also trim tabs on the controller to adjust for lift and turning.
To perform rolls and flips you’ll want to get high up cut the power and turn left or right. This will send you into a steep roll. To recover let go of the steering and apply full power.
To flip, you need to get up pretty high, cut the power, let the plane nose dive and then apply full power.
If you have any questions, please leave then in the comments below and if you enjoyed my review I’d appreciate a thumbs up and subscribe to keep up with my new reviews.


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