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Hubsan X4 w/ 2 MP HD Camera
hubsan x4 mini quadcopter
Around $70
Standard Camera H107C
hubsan x4 h107c quadcopter
Around $50 button4small
 No Camera H107L
hubsan x4 h107l quadcopter
Around $45
Hubsan X4 Crash Kit
hubsan x4 crash kit
Around $14
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hubsan x4 quadcopterhubsan x4hubsan x4 quadcopter 3hubsan x4 reviewhubsan x4 footagehubsan x4 footage 2

If you’re looking for a small, cheap, fast, and fun to fly quadcopter then I recommend the X4 by Hubsan. Starting at $40 for a quad with no camera and an HD version for less than $100 you can capture footage of your neighborhood from the sky! These little quads are super fun to fly! The best place to learn to fly is in a open field where you can land in soft grass if you lose control. The more you fly it, the more fun you’ll have. I own a lot of different quadcopter and helicopters and Hubsan X4 is my favorite. I find myself taking it out to fly the most. Be careful flying this X4 with out the blade guards. The propellers spin very fast and can easily cut your fingers.

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