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MJX X101 Giant RC Quadcopter

By September 16, 2016September 20th, 2016quadcopter, rc quadcopter camera

  • Big & Stable
  • Can carry a variety of cameras
  • Optional FPV camera

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giant-quadcoptermjx quadcopterquadcopter-with-cameraquadcopter-x101-mjxrc-quadcopter-x101x101-mjx-quadcopter

Video Review:


No flimsy parts on this quadcopter. The frame is very strong and light. The landing skids have taken a couple hard landing (on grass) and didn’t bend or break. This drone can take a beating while you’re learning to fly!


The included battery is a 1200mAh lipo which is going to give you decent flight times for the price.
Flight time just hovering with no camera is around 9-10 minutes.
Flying with the optional 720p wifi camera and moving around will give you around 7-8 minutes.
And if you slap on a heavier GoPro, you’re looking at around 5-6 minutes.

Tips on flying this quadcopter

  • Time your flights! I made the mistake of not timing is when it was carrying a gopro and it literally just fell out of the sky. Lucky it was only at about 20 feet and it feel on the grass so no damage was done.
  • This quadcopter vibrates a lot because of it’s brushed motors. This doesn’t really affect it’s flying but it will make it hard to get buttery smooth flight footage. If you need smooth footage, you can either buy a brushless gimbal, or look for a quadcopter with brushless motors, which will cost you a lot more.

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