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MJX X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with Wifi

By August 28, 2016September 20th, 2016quadcopter
mjx quad

  • FPV WIFI Camera
  • Durable and Stable

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The MJX X400W summary.

Overall a great flying, durable FPV quadcopter. Very similar to the Syma X5SW FPV Explorers 2 quadcopter. Both have their PROs & CONs which I will go over below. The stability and durability make the MJX a good beginners quadcopter especially if you’re interested in FPV.


The durability is great. The only complaint I have about the quad is the weak landing gear. Fortunately a little glue (gorilla glue works great) will fix it right up. The frame is very light and strong. In my video review, you can see me crashing into concrete walls and the ground with minimal damage.


It includes a high capacity 750mAh Li-po battery which is larger than the Syma X5SW, giving you an extra minute or two of flight time. Extra batteries are cheap and easy to find. I added a recommend set of batteries in the side bar.

FPV Camera

The quality of the camera isn’t great. The reason for the low quality video is because it’s all broadcast over a WIFI signal to your smart phone. There is no memory card in the quadcopter itself, it’s all stored on your phone. It is pretty responsive however and when it’s within range, it’s pretty cool to see the view from your quadcopter. The camera angle is adjustable. This is helpful for when you’re flying fast and don’t want to be looking at the ground the whole time. I tilted my camera up so it’s pointing forward and slightly up.

Flight performance

This MJX quadcopter has great flight performance.  The power to weight ratio is good so pulling out of steep dives and turns are not a problem. The gyro handles aggressive movements really well.

One Comment

  • Den says:

    I have one of these drones. I had a problem getting images from the camera on my iPhone using the recommended app “MJX H”. The camera is model C4005/C4015 so I tried the MJX C4005 FPV app and I was able to see what the camera saw on my iPhone. Now I can try flying it in my back yard.

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