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MJX X600 Hexacopter FPV Drone

By October 7, 2016hexacopter

  • 720p WIFI FPV camera
  • Streams live video to your smart phone
hexacopter mjxbutton4small

  • Super Stable!
  • Strong lightweight frame resist breaking

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mjx-x600mjx dronemjx hexacopter sizeMJX dronex600Hexacopter with Mobius

MJX X600 toy drone


Full 4-channel control.
Low/High and adjustable throttle strength makes it easy to learn on.
Headless mode to help guide drone back towards you if you lose orientation.
Flight time is 6-10 minutes depending if you’re flying with a camera.
Replaceable batteries.
Lightweight durable design.
6-Axis gyro makes it very stable.
2.4ghz transmitter with digital display.

Flight Performance

With 6 motors, this hexacopters blades don’t have to spin as fast as a comparable quadcopter. That makes this drone quieter and able to lift slightly more weight. I was able to fly around a mobius action camera with with problems at all. One trade off for the extra stability is speed. It’s still a fast quadcopter but the X600 isn’t going to be as fast as other quadcopters in it’s class.


The X600 is very strong and light. One thing you need to do is to let the motors COOL OFF after each flight for at least 5 minutes! This is especially important if you buy multiple batteries. Flying over grass with the blade guards on and this quadcopter can withstand some pretty rough crashes. The blades are bendable and don’t chip as easily as the solid blades found of some other quadcopters. If you get the camera version, the one weak point is the landing gear. The taller landing gear is weak so if you’re first learning, practice without the camera/gear attached.


The included battery is a 700mAh lipo which will last around 6-10 minutes depending on how you fly. Replacement batteries cost around $10 each and charge on the included USB charger.


If you’ve flown rc airplanes or other larger quadcopters then the transmitter will feel familiar in your hands. It’s a full size digital display transmitter which shows you the amount of trim, speed settings, battery life of the transmitter, and a few other things.

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