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Predator Mini RC Drone Quadcopter HS170

By February 29, 2016quadcopter
Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone
Around $40button4small

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The Predator quadcopter is all around a great quality quadcopter for both beginners and experienced pilots. I’ll go over the transmitter, the gyro system, blade guards, and show you how this quad flies outside. If you do have any questions please leave them in the comments below.
First off, beginners will really like the 3 speed settings and the great stability of this small quadcopter. It’s a good size for flying inside and it has plenty of power to fly outside even in light winds. The blade guards do a really good job protecting both the quad and things you might run into. The headless mode and return to home feature will help beginner pilots regain a flight path back towards you if you do lose orientation of the front of the quadcopter.
The weight is less than ½ pound so you don’t have to worry about registering with the FAA.


For its size this quadcopter has one of the best gyro’s built into it and the motors are very well balanced.
The problem some other quads have is the unbalanced thrust at high speeds or when you put in yaw. What that means, is when all motors are at or near full throttle, there might be one or more that are not performing as well as the others, causing the quadcopter to drift off it’s intended coarse. The motors on this quad performed very well and the lightweight frame is strong and durable.

Blade guards:

It has a well thought out frame that protects the blades from not only the sides but also the top. If you hit a wall and land upside down, these blade guards will protect the blades even when it’s upside down.
The transmitter looks a little dated and the required 6 AA batteries is a little annoying, but it functions well. I wish they would have labeled the functions.
It is a 2.4ghz so the signal is very reliable and the distance was surprisingly good up to about 30 meters. You can also fly more than one of these at the same time.


They do give you a good size battery. The 350mAh Lithium will provide around 6-7 minutes of flight time and extra batteries only cost around $5 bucks a piece. Just make sure to let it cool down for about 10 minutes between flights so you don’t burn out your motors or control board. Charging is done through a USB charger which takes 30 minutes to fully charge.
Return to home:
The return to home feature wasn’t that good and I wouldn’t recommend using it. If you need to get it back toward you, activate headless and pull the control back
Headless mode however is helpful if you do fly too far away to tell which direction it’s pointing. It’s easy for beginner pilots to lose orientation and if it’s windy, you can easily lose a perfectly good quadcopter this way.
3-Speed settings:
Fast mode on this quad is impressive and I wouldn’t recommend it until you’re really good at controlling it because it does let you go at some impressive angles. This quad will allow you to tilt almost 90 degrees at which point it’s almost too fast and will start losing altitude.


Flips are quick and easy to do thanks to its light weight and powerful motors. Just quickly press down once on the right stick and then move the control in the direction you want to flip in.

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