Quadcopter Reviews and How to fly a Quadcopter.

To read all about how to fly a rc quadcopter please scroll to the bottom of the page.
Each quacopter I choose to review is flown by me and put to through several test. I check things like how well the gyro system handles when flown, how well it performs at max speed, and the realistic battery life. If you have ANY questions I’m always happy to help! Just leave a comment here on the site or on the YouTube video of the quadcopter.
From beginner quadcopters to more advanced quadcopters with cameras, I will give you a helpful review that includes tips on flying. I try my best to find the best prices and most reputable retailers that will ship your quadcopter within days not months. If you have questions or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Syma FPV RC Quadcopter

syma fpv rc quadcopterThis great performing quadcopter comes with a camera that has built in WIFI that will connect with your smart phone so you can fly FPV!

Big Quad Small Price X101

mjx-x101-smallThe perfect quadcopter to learn to fly on if you ever plan on moving up to more expensive models.

Flying Car Quadcopter Syma X9

syma x9This quadcopter drives like a car on the ground and seamlessly takes flight as a quadcopter. The Syma X9 flying car is awesome!

E010 Ducted Fan Drone

eachine-ducted-fan-quadcopterThis mini ducted fan drone is easy to fly and very durable! This quadcopter turns better then any other mini drone I’ve flown.

M71 Scout Tricopter

M71 ScoutA very different look then most other quadcopters. It handles like a quadcopter with a few little exceptions.

Syma X5C Explorerssyma quadcopter x5c

Loaded with features normally only found on more expensive RC quadcopters, the Syma X5C delivers a ton of value for a small price.

HS170 Predator Mini Drone

predator drone rcdad smallOne of the most stable and best flying quadcopters for it’s size and price, the HS170 is a really well built machine!

MJX X400W FPV Quad

mjx quadThis medium sized quadcopter has a fpv camera that broadcasts a wifi signal so you can view what the quadcopter sees from your smartphone.

Syma X12 Nano

syma X12 nano quadcopterNot the first nano Quad Copter on the market, but that’s because the Syma x12 improved upon all it’s competitors. Sturdy and well designed!

Estes 4606 Proto X
estes 4606 proto x nano rc quadcopter

Nano Quad Copter with more power than it knows what to do with. This fun little Quad zips around at impressive speeds but isn’t super durable.

H8 Mini Quadcopter

h8 mini quadPalmed size super performance mini quadcopter. Might be too fast for beginners, I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for an upgrade from a slower quadcopter.

Cheerson CX-10

nano rc quadcopterIncredible performance packed into a tough tiny body, the Cheerson nano quad is one of my favorite toys I own!

Mini Hexacopter

rc hexacopterThe is the worlds smallest hexacopter. It handles just like a quadcopter and sounds like a swarm of angry bees!

Syma X11C

syma x11c droneOnly $40 for the HD camera version. Quality design, replaceable batteries, great  performance, and lots of upgrades usually only see on more expensive quads.

Hubsan X4

hubsan x4 mini quadcopterSleek and stylish, this is one of the most impressive looking Quad Copters.The Hubsan X4 mini Quad has an optional HD Camera!

CX-10A Headless

buy rc quadcopterA nano quadcopter with headless mode and good stability, the CX-10A is a quick intermediate quad.

HAK905 LED Quadcopter

hak905 toy quadcopter droneBright LED lights eliminate every side of this easy to fly quad. The HAK 905 has a durable easy to see frame with 3 bladed props.

Syma X2

syma-x2-quadcopterSmall and stable, the Syma X2 offers a lot for a small price. The X2 will do 360 flips with ease. Great indoor quadcopter.

WLToys V262

v262 giant quadcopter
Giant and super easy to fly, the WLToys V262 is a versitile quadcopter that is a great buy for many reasons.

Syma X1
syma x1 quadcopter

My first and favorite medium sized quadcopter. Amazing performance, fun to fly, and durable. Perfect for learning and flying outside.

Air Hogs Helix X4

airhogs helix x4 stunt rc quadcopterVery durable beginners rc quadcopter with cool ducted fans. It’s slow and easy to fly. It’s like a flying bumper car.

Sky Walker 1306

sky walker 1306 quadcopterOne of the most durable Quad Copters! The cage allows it to roll on the ground and ceiling. The ultimate beginners toy.

How to fly a quadcopter

Trimming your quadcopter

Most all quadcopters will have tiny trim tabs under each of the control sticks. Before you start to trim out your quadcopter make sure to wait for a calm day with little to no wind, it will make your first flight more enjoyable. If you’re flying a micro quadcopter inside for the first time then make sure no fans or AC is on. Take off about 5 feet above the ground and hover in one spot. Assuming there’s no breeze, take note which direction the quadcopter is drifting. To make this easier, have the front of your quadcopter pointed in the same direction you’re standing. If your quadcopter is drifting left, then keep adding right trim until is stops drifting and remains hovering in one spot.

Flying in the wind

One of the top ways people lose their quadcopters is by losing it on a windy day. One very important thing to remember is that the wind gets much stronger the higher up you fly and it often is blowing in a different direction than what it’s blowing on the ground. It happens all too often. The quadcopter takes off and the pilot loses orientation of the front of the quadcopter and off it goes!