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RC Boat FT009

By December 7, 2014May 31st, 2016boat, rc toy
rc boatft009-rc-racing-boat
Around $60
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I was very impressed when I first tested this boat out in the water! The performance, the look, and the price of this boat makes it a super fun toy for anyone close to a lake or pond. Perfect for adults and kids thanks to a safety feature that doesn’t allow the propeller to spin when it’s not in the water. The speed tops out around 20mph. It make precise and sharp turns thanks to a large rudder. Having a built in water cooling system is something usually found on more expensive boats, but this rc boat has one! Cooling your motor down with water from the lake will prolong the life of your boat and keep it running at top speeds.


  • Anonymous says:

    I have 2 boats. FT009 and a GC001, both exactly alike… bought from different companies. I still can not get either of them to work. Even tried shorting out the safety wires. If you read/ or look on line about all the issues this boat has, it should be taken off the market. When I pay around $50.00 for a boat, I expect it to work right out of the box. Neither of these have. I have been modeling for over 40 years, yet see these widely sold boats as poor quality…leaving the individual to fix it themselves. Everything from bad contacts, bad wire connectors, to wires not in place in the transmitter, to it’s unique binding method. Very bad Quality Control! This could be a great boat, if it were ready to run out of the box with no hassles

    • eriksummer says:

      Sorry to hear! Next time buy from Amazon. They require sellers to give at least a 30-day return policy. And if an item, like the FT009 RC boat has too many returns Amazon will actually pull the product from their site. From what I’ve seen sellers don’t risk selling broken items for these reasons.

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