RC Helicopter reviews.

Each of my RC Helicopter reviews will have a “Skill Level” to easily let you know if it’s the right helicopter for you.  From beginner Dual Rotor RC Helicopters to more advanced single rotor rc helicopters, I will give you a helpful video review that includes tips on flying each of them!

H911 iRocket

h911 heliAmazing performance and beautiful design, the H911 is a super fun and durable helicopter for intermediate pilots.

V911 PRO

V911 V2 Pro WLtoys
A slight upgrade from the V911 helicopter, the Pro edition comes with several upgrades including: stronger landing gear, lighter canopy, and improved tail motor.

WL V911 V2

v911 rc helicopter v2Massively popular and insane flight performance packed into a small and affordable helicopter. Nothing comes close to the V911 helicopter. A must have for any intermediate heli pilot.

Syma S108 Super Cobra

syma s108 helicopterThe S108 is modeled after the Super Cobra attach helicopter. One of a few realistic looking rc helicopters that are incredibly easy to fly!

Syma S109 Apache

syma s109 apache helicopterHighly detailed to maintain the beauty of the Apache helicopter and with amazing durability, the S109 by Syma is a quality rc heli that is the favorite of everyone who owns one.

Syma S111

s111gThe S111 is a highly detailed replica of the Coast Guard Airwolf helicopter, very easy to fly, and affordable! Able to withstand a lot of crashing!

Syma S026

chinook rc helicopter smallThe Syma S026 Mini Chinook is a cool double rotor rc helicopter that is easy to fly. Just add batteries to the remote and start flying!

Syma S107

syma s107The S107 is the perfect beginners rc helicopter. Incredibly easy to fly, very durable, and affordable. If you’re new to rc helicopters, the S107 is a great start.

Syma S102 s102

Very easy to fly Black Hawk rc helicopter. Syma did a great job with this high quality, very stable helicopter.

Syma S6

syma-s6The Syma S6 is the smallest RC Helicopter on the market. It’s durable, surprisingly fast for it’s size, and will provide those much needed breaks from work or school!

Syma F3

Syma-f3-rc-helicopterThe Syma F3 is an intermediate helicopter that offers great performance, a low price, and some upgrades over it’s competition; the V911. Makes an awesome backyard flyer.

Flying Sphere

flying sphereVery slow but very rugged. The flying sphere is a flying tank. The perfect rc helicopter for beginners.