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RC Quadcopter Flying Car Syma X9

By January 27, 2016May 30th, 2016quadcopter
Syma X9 Fly CarSyma X9 Flying Carsyma x9button4small

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Quick overview of the Syma X9 Flying Car.

This flying car flies just like a normal quadcopter and has a separate motor to turn the wheels when on the ground. For steering, it has a servo which makes it drive like a car.  The flight performance was surprisingly good considering its large battery and all the extra weight it has to carry around to make it both fly and drive on the ground.  The 6-axis gyro makes this quadcopter easy to fly and very stable.

Problem with the trim.

Every once in a while I did notice it going out of trim. Half way through a flight, sometimes it would need some forward or reverse trim to keep it from drifting. To fix this, simple turn off the quad and turn it back on. You always want to set your quadcopter down on a level surface while connecting to the transmitter. This way the gyro will initialize correctly and hopefully shouldn’t need trim.

Driving on the ground

The wheels did a great job at handling a variety of different surfaces. It drives great on carpet, short grass, tile, and asphalt. The large diameter wheels combines with a soft rubbery foam and two front shocks help make this a good handling car on the ground.
The throttle, which is located on the right size when driving, is very smooth and proportional. The high and low settings works both in flight and drive mode which is helpful when you’re learning to fly and drive the X9.

Bright LED lights.

The bright LED lights in the front and rear of the flycar don’t look like your typical quadcopter lights; they’re more light front head lights and tail lights. This makes it look really cool and futuristic when in the air and helps with orientation.
The overall build quality is really nice. Syma did a great job balancing a strong yet light weight frame that can take a lot of abuse without breaking.
The X9 will do flips but make sure to do them in the beginning of the flight because they will require a lot of power from the battery. You will lose a lot of altitude so don’t do them inside. It’s carrying around a lot of weight so flips won’t be super tight like lighter weight quadcopters.
The transmitter is 2.4GHz giving it good range so you can fly outside and allowing you to fly more than one at a time.
The one I linked to comes with two 600mAh lipo batteries and flight times will be around 5-7 minutes depending on how much flying vs. driving you’re doing.
Pack in most amount of fun for $50 vs other quads.

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