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noiseless silent mouse
Around $22

I was so impressed with the price and performance of this noiseless mouse that I had to let people know that you don’t have to buy an expensive mouse to get amazing performance. For $20 bucks, this mouse packs a ton of performance into a very small price. I’ve been using Logitech mice for years and they are wonderful but I was a little tired of paying $40 – $100 per mouse when I could get one that was just as good for $20 bucks!

First off there are 100’s of different mice on the market and the problem with most of them is the annoying clicking sound they make.  For some reason I’ve recently been getting annoyed by the clicking noise my mouse made and decided look for one that still made a click that I could feel but couldn’t hear.

I ended going with the FOME Noiseless mouse and I’m really glad I did. It has everything I need; a satisfying snap when I right or left click that’s almost completely silent, back and forward browser buttons for when you’re surfing the web (they are in a easy to reach spot, some mice have these located too far forward or back and it’s a struggle to reach them), a scroll wheel that can be clicked to allow for faster scrolling (you can hear the scroll wheel click but that’s fine with me because 99% of the time I’m clicking the two main buttons), and different speed settings for when you’re editing photos for example, you can quickly switch to more accurate slower movements.

The USB receiver is tiny and can easily be stored inside the mouse when traveling.

The ergonomic design feels really good in your hand, I like how there are these groves on the side to help grip with your fingers for better control and lifting of the mouse.  The feel of it is a smooth satin that has grip, but not too grippy.

Battery life is amazing, I’ve been using mine for a couple months for around 8 hours a day and it’s still running strong!

I use mine mostly on a mouse pad but I did test it on clothing, wood, and a few other surfaces and it tracks great!

I’ve had Logitech and Microsoft mice before and they make some really good products, but honestly this one performs just as good if not better. For $20 bucks you’re not going to get a better deal!

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