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skywalker quadcopter

sky walker 1306 quadcopter

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SKILL LEVEL 20% | Pretty easy to fly but isn't easy to control on the ground


DURABILITY 80% | It's cage does a great job protecting the quadcopter but does add some weight to this small under powered quad


Here’s a few tips that will make your Sky Walker H1306 fly great! Make sure the quadcopter is level when you turn it on, it will need to initialize the gyro. To do this stick your hand in the cage and hold the quad level until you hear the beep on your controller.  Another big tip a lot of people miss is the different flight modes on this quadcopter! There are two small buttons on the front of the controller. They will control how the Sky Walker performs.  Fast flight/Slow flight/Driving.  When you first fly, you’ll notice it’s a little under-powered until you hit the “speed” button. You’ll notice a big improvement in performance!  There’s even a mode for driving the Sky Walker on the ground. The power will be reduced so it will roll around without taking flight.  Over all I really enjoy flying the Sky Walker Quad. Its the first thing I pull out when a friend wants to learn how to fly because it’s almost indestructible and you’re not going to get chopped up by the blades if it hits you.

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