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Syma S111 Helicopter

By May 7, 2015April 14th, 2020helicopter
s111 rc helicopterSyma S111s111
Around $25
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s111gs111 helicoptersyma s111Coast Guard Airwolf rc helicopters111 symasyma s111g

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SKILL LEVEL: 10% Super easy!


DURABILITY: 90% Very durable



Quick Overview of the Syma S111 Airwolf Coast Guard Helicopter:

One of the most stable and fastest dual rotor helicopters I’ve flown. The S111 is my favorite dual rotor heli because of the detailed high quality frame. This is a beautifully designed helicopter, modeled after the Coast Guards Airwolf. It’s also very durable.  I’ve crashed this thing over 30 times into walls, furniture, and even the asphalt and it still fly’s like new!  If you do end up breaking the blades, replacement parts are cheap and easy to find! Most everyone will be able to pick up the controls and fly this around without any problems. The bright LED lights add a cool effect. There’s a bright white spot light in front and two flashing blue/red lights on the bottom and top.

The Transmitter:

It is infrared so you are limited to flying indoors or outside in good conditions. Flying outside will require no wind and shade. A lot people will recommend not flying outside but if the conditions are right, it actually fly’s pretty good outside! And make sure to keep the transmitter pointed directing at the helicopter.

The Charger:

The S111 comes with a USB charger that you can plug into most computers or you can get a USB charger like the Anker Charger that I use and love. You can view more about it here:

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