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Syma X11C Quadcopter

By August 17, 2015May 30th, 2016quadcopter, rc quadcopter camera
syma x11 rc quadcopterSyma X11C (with HD camera)
syma x11c droneAround $40button3small
Syma X11 (without camera)syma x11 quadcopterAround $20
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syma x11 quad 2syma x11 quadcoptersyma x11c quadsyma x11c rc quadcoptersyma x11cquad with camera

Summary of the Syma X11c:

You’re not going to find a better quadcopter with camera for $40. Get awesome aerial shots of your neighborhood and see what the birds see. With it’s sturdy blade guards, strong light weight frame, and  6 axis stabilization, the Syma X11c is built to withstand a lot of abuse.  The built in HD camera isn’t bad for the price! It’s not a GoPro, but it’s also a lot less money!

What makes the Syma X11C so great:

There are a lot of upgrades on the X11C compared to other quadcopters in it’s class. The strong light weight frame makes it more resistant to crashing. Less weight means less breaking. The motors are smaller and they power the blades with a gear which allows for a more appropriate RPM keeping the motors lasting longer. The blades are closer to a helicopters blades. They have more surface area so they don’t have to spin as fast and that’s a good thing if you’re ever hit by one.


For the price, the camera is decent. Don’t expect the quality of a GoPro, but it will product decent footage when you film during the day! The low light performance is horrible so I only recommend filming during the day.


The battery life is standard for this size of quadcopter around 5-6 minutes. Charging will take around 45 minutes using the included USB charger. For the quickest charging, I recommend using a Anker USB charger. Batteries are replaceable and cost less than $20 for a pack of 5!

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Syma X11C Quadcopter
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