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Mini rc quadcopter Syma X2syma-x2-quadcopter
Around $27
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Review of the Syma X2 mini quadcoptersyma mini quadcoptersyma x2 quadcoptersyma x2 small quadcopter

If you’re looking for a small RC quadcopter to learn on then the Syma X2  is a good choice. Priced around $30 the Syma X2 delivers big performance for a small price.  The flight performance is solid, it flys a lot like a stable large size RC quadcopter! As you can see from the video, the speed and maneuverability will keep even the advanced pilots entertained thanks to its two speed settings and flip button on the controller that allows full 360 flips to be made.

Main Features:

  • Large full control transmitter that feels great in your hands (also has 360 flip function)
  • 150mAh Battery gives around 5 minutes flight and 30 minute charge time
  • 6-axis gyro which provides a very stable fight

The bade guards work some, but not as much as I hoped for. They are just too close to the blades to offer any cushion. It’s important to fly over carpet or grass when learning to fly and keep it low until you know what you’re doing!

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