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Toy RC Boat UDI001 Venom

By May 4, 2016June 17th, 2016boat

mini rc boat

udirc udi001

  • Top Speed of 15 mph!
  • Water cooled motor
  • Low Battery Alarm on controller


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venom rc boatudi001fast toy rc boattoy rc boat venomrc boat pooltoy rc boats

The tiny Venom RC boat is a blast to drive.

High speeds, smooth proportional steering, and features like a water cooling system make this little toy boat way cooler than any other rc boats you’d find at your local toy store. It’s speed might be too much for a small pool unless you manage the throttle and keep it under 5mph. Put this boat in a lake, and once it planes above the water it takes off! For only around $40, it’s the cheapest rc boat that is an actual “Speed Boat”. A lot of other boats look cool and fast in their packaging but most under perform once in the water.

unboxing rc boatudi rc venom boatmini rc boat

Venom RC Boat Features

  • Anti-tilt hull. I couldn’t get this boat to tip over and stay on its back unless I tossed it in upside down. They designed the hull to be light on the top and heavy on the bottom so it’ll constantly want to roll right side up. Even if you do manage to flip the boat, the torque from the motor will help roll it back right side up!fast mini rc boat
  • Water cooling system.  The hull is air tight and a powerful motor needs to keep cool so this boat has a little water inlet on the bottom that will force water though tubing inside the boat that wraps around the motor to keep it running cool. After looping around the motor, it is ejected out the side of the boat, just like on the professional rc boats.
    rc boat poolwater cooled rc boat
  • Low battery alarm. I’ve had boats in the past that would just die when the battery was low and I’d have to bring a fishing pole to cast out and retrieve it. Luckily the Venom rc boat has a low battery alarm on the controller that will beep when it’s time to bring it back in!rc boat transmitter
  • Lipo Battery. Run times will be between 6-10 minutes depending on how fast your running your boat. If you’re cruising slow in a pool you’ll be a good 10 minutes of battery! If you’re full throttle in a lake, you’ll only get around 6 minutes. The good thing is that extra batteries are only around 8 each so make sure to pick up a couple extras for your next trip to the lake. Charging is done through the included USB charger and takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • Stabilizing fins.
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