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Worlds Smallest RC Hexacopter Drone

By August 6, 2015May 30th, 2016hexacopter
small rc hexacopterMini Hexacopter S333
rc hexacopter
Around $29
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s333 rc hexacoptermjx x900 rc drone hexacopterhexacopterrc hexacopter 3rc hexacopter 4mini hexacopter 4

Summary of the Mini Hexacopter:

Overall this is an awesome flying durable drone. This mini Hexacopter looks hard to fly, but if you’ve ever flown a quadcopter you’ll have no problem controlling this one.  It does have a 6-axis gyro which helps it with stability. The speed was normal, not fast like the Mini Cheerson CX10 but not too slow like Air Hogs Helix X4.

Charging and flight times:

Charging is done with a USB charger and takes around 45 minutes to fully charge. I’ve had really good luck charging with the Anker USB chargers. They charge faster than using a laptop and come with multiple charging ports! With 6 motors I wasn’t expecting long flight times but was surprised when it lasted a full 6 minutes.



The blades do pop off when you crash but they are pretty easy to find and put back on.  You do get an extra 6 blades in the box and if you need even more they are cheap and easy to find. The frame made of sturdy plastic protecting a ridged computer board in the middle.

The 6 led lights help with orientation, 4 blue in the back and 2 red in the front.  For around $30 bucks you can’t go wrong.

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