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Front view of Syma F3 helicopterSyma F3 Helicopter 4 Channel with Gyro (Colors Vary)syma-f3-rc-helicopterAround $45button3small
*The Syma F3 is out of stock so I linked over to the V911 which is a very similar rc helicopter!
Picture of Syma F3 RC helicoptersyma f3 rc helicopter3inside view of the Syma F3 mini servosCharger for the Syma F3 helicopter


  • 2 (150mAh Lipo batteries) + dual USB charger
  • Flight time: 6 minutes | Charge time: 50 minutes
  • 2.4Ghz transmitter with display

A great upgrade from a Co-axial heli, the Syma F3 has only 1 set of blades giving it a BIG increase in performance. It does still have a “Fly bar” which is the weighted part spinning above the rotor which is going to act like a gyro and keep your helicopter stable. You get a lot of the benefits of a single rotor helicopter but without the difficulty that comes with a non “fly bar” helicopter.

A quick explanation is that without a “fly bar” most helicopters will continue to move in the direction you tell it too. With a “fly bar” your helicopter will have some degree of rebound that helps keep the helicopter from drifting away too quickly (unless it’s windy).

The Syma F3 is a solid intermediate RC helicopter.  What makes these smaller helicopters great is:

  • You can fly in smaller areas.
  • They don’t hurt as much if the blades hit you.
  • They cause less damage to property if you crash.
  • Easy to store in you home.
  • Inexpensive replacement parts/batteries.

The Syma brand has always produced affordable quality RC toys. The F3 is a slight improvement on the very popular WL V911 helicopter. The main improvements are the batteries. The F3 has a protective box around the battery that helps it slide into the frame of the helicopter.  The metal tail boom adds not only a cool look but also a lot of strength.

Great quality, extra batteries, and beautiful design, the Syma F3 helicopter is one of my favorites. It’s not as fast as the V911 by WL Toys but it makes up for it with it’s tough and sexy exterior.

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