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rc quadcopter syma x1Syma X1syma x1 quadcopterAround $35button4small
rc quadcopter x1syma x1 quadcopter

Give your Syma X1 RC quadcopter the ability to land on water by adding ping pong balls!

syma x1 controlsIt’s amazing how well this Quad Copter flies and for only $40 you can’t go wrong. It really is the perfect rc toy for beginners and advanced fliers. It’s pure 100% stress relieving fun when you fly this quadcopter.  It has plenty of power to really lift off quick and fly fast giving even advanced pilots a good time, but has a slow learning mode that beginners will appreciate!  If you’ve never flown a Quad Copter before I highly recommend taking this one out to a grass field where you have plenty of space to learn the flight characteristics.  I’m used to flying rc helicopters and getting used to a quadcopter took some getting used to! But once you have it down you will be hooked on it’s stability and unique maneuvers that you just can’t get with a normal rc heli.

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